Why You Will Love Your New Frameless Shower Door

A shower door is an investment that you won’t regret. You could probably get away with hanging a shower curtain, but you shouldn’t let your beautiful shower be covered by a curtain! If you already have a shower door and are thinking about updating it or you are looking to have one installed, we highly recommend getting a frameless shower door. We know you will love your new frameless shower door. The benefits that you will enjoy are:

  • Light – When you have a frameless shower door installed, you will notice that you won’t lose any of the light flowing into your shower from windows or lights. This isn’t the case when using a shower curtain. You will still be able to enjoy a well-lit shower with your new frameless shower door.
  • Sizes – Frameless shower doors can be made to fit any size opening. This will allow you, your builder, or your designer to create any size shower to fit your space without being limited on size or dimensions.
  • Larger – A frameless shower door will help to make your bathroom and shower feel bigger and more open. Your sight lines into your beautiful shower will not be obscured by a curtain or frame.
  • Easy Cleaning – One of the great benefits of frameless shower doors is that they are super easy to clean. You can simply use a squeegee from top to bottom to get a perfectly clear and clean shower.

We love frameless shower doors for many reasons, and we know that you will too. Give us a call at Inabinet Glass & Mirror Co Inc. to get a free quote and to discuss your options.