Shower Doors vs. Shower Curtains

When you are designing your bathroom, you will probably wonder if you should install a shower door or keep it simple and use a shower curtain. Both options have their benefits, but a shower door will provide you with all the same benefits as a curtain and more. Below is a comparison between shower doors and shower curtains:

  • Ease of Use – Both shower doors and shower curtains are simple to use. A shower curtain may take a few tugs to open or close, while a shower door will open and close on the first try. Cleaning a shower door is also simple. You can just wipe or squeegee it. There are also many sprays you can simply spray on and leave.
  • Value – Your home value will increase with the installation of a shower door, and that certainly won’t happen with a shower curtain. Potential buyers will be more drawn to a bathroom with a beautiful shower door over one with a curtain.
  • Aesthetics – A shower door has a leg up on aesthetics over a shower curtain. A shower door provides a clean look with a clear view into the beautiful tile work of your shower. If you don’t want to see into your shower or bathtub, then a frosted glass can be installed. There are many options with shower doors that will fit any design style and function.
  • Cost – A shower door will cost more than a shower curtain, but the return on that investment makes it well worth it.

A shower door will cost a little more than a shower curtain, but the ease of use, increase in home value, the aesthetic benefits, and easiness of cleaning make it a clear winner.