Benefits of Professional Residential Glass Services

Whether you’re a residential contractor or a homeowner, you may be on the hunt for a good glass contractor. A glass contractor will typically cover shower doors and enclosures and vanity mirrors throughout the home. You’ll want someone you can trust in order to give you a successful outcome. Here are the top benefits of hiring a professional for residential glass services.

  • Compliance – An important part of the construction world is proper compliance to meet specific regulations. Your glass installation should be no different. With residential glass services, you can expect regulations to be met in order to bring you functioning showers and mirrors throughout your project.
  • Waste Disposal/Recycling – When you hire residential glass services, you won’t have to worry about broken or unused glass being left behind. A good glass contractor will dispose of the unused or old glass properly or recycle it as needed.
  • Warranty – Your glass needs throughout a project can quickly add up, so you’ll want the best quality and warranty you can get. A glass contractor will typically offer a warranty, which will protect you and your client if anything needs maintenance or to be repaired. Having a warranty acts as temporary insurance and can save you and your client money.

We hope these benefits have inspired you to invest in professional residential glass services. We’re confident that a glass contractor will give you confidence in proper compliance, waste disposal, and a secure warranty. If you have any questions regarding residential glass services or any other services we provide, please contact us at Inabinet Glass & Mirror Co Inc. today!