Regardless of how many people live with you and how often you shower, most of us have showers that are used and used often! Shower doors need to be high quality since they are use so frequently. Furthermore, shower doors should be stylish and attractive since they are often a critical design element of your space. Here at Inabinet Glass & Mirror Co Inc., we want to help you find the best shower doors for your space. Here are a few different types of shower doors for your consideration.

  • Fixed shower doors give a modern touch! A fixed door is more of a panel than a door. Mounted in place, these types of shower doors allow access through an opening nearby, which gives them a very modern look.
  • Hinged shower doors allow for easy access. Just like any other door in the home, you can open your shower door with a hinge. These are easy, versatile, and well-liked by many homeowners for a variety of spaces.
  • Enjoy the look and feel of a larger space with frameless shower doors. If you want your bathroom to feel larger, removing any visual obstructions, such as the shower door frames, can accomplish this goal. Frameless shower doors come in many sizes, are durable, and give your bathroom a taste of luxury.
  • You’ll love the easy access that sliding doors allow. Sometimes mounted on floors or on the lip of a bathtub, sliding doors give you easy access in tight spaces. Because you don’t need to allow space for the door swinging in or out, these types of shower doors are real space-savers.
  • Give your space a traditional touch with framed shower doors. Framed shower doors are often a less-expensive option and give a traditional look. They come in a variety of finishes and colors that allow you to better customize your look.
  • Consider your glass and design no matter the door style you choose. When looking at shower doors, don’t forget to consider the style and type of glass you’ll want for your shower doors. Do you want clear or opaque? Patterned or not?

If you are looking at shower doors for your home, we want to help! Give us a call today and let us help you choose and design the best shower doors for your space.