How to Choose the Best Bathroom Mirrors for Your Home

When you are building or remodeling a bathroom, you will be faced with many choices in lights, hardware, tile, and mirrors. To help make choosing your bathroom mirrors easier, we are providing you with our best tips for choosing the perfect bathroom mirrors for your home.

  • Number of Mirrors – You know you need a bathroom mirror, but have you thought about more than one mirror? Both options can look good, but in the right bathroom setup, installing two smaller mirrors instead of one large one can look attractive and provide additional function to your bathroom. If you have a long vanity and/or two sinks, then you may want to consider installing two bathroom mirrors.
  • Sizing – In most bathrooms, you will want to make sure the bathroom mirror is not wider than your vanity. It is common to have the mirror be the same width as your vanity, but if you don’t want it to be the same width, then we recommend installing a mirror that is 70-80% smaller than your vanity. For height, the mirror should provide a view that is one foot above and below the eye line of those who will be using the mirror.
  • Framing – You have two options for your bathroom mirrors: framed or frameless. Choosing a frame or no frame really depends on personal preference and the look of the bathroom you are hoping to achieve.

There are many options to choose from when picking out your bathroom mirrors. Here at Inabinet Glass & Mirror Co Inc., we are happy to help you choose the very best option for you and your bathroom.