Top Signs You Need to Replace Your Bathroom Mirrors

It’s important to have a good bathroom mirror in your home. You typically look into your bathroom mirror every day. It’s the mirror that you use to get ready for the day, and a mirror that your guests will use when visiting your home. It may not occur to you that you need a new bathroom mirror, but if you notice one of the following signs, you might want to consider getting a new one.

  • Cracked – A cracked bathroom mirror is one of the more obvious signs that you need a new mirror. If you just have a small crack, you may be able to have a specialist repair it. However, if you have multiple cracks, you might be better off replacing the mirror altogether.
  • Warped – Over the years, your vanity mirror will age. With age, it’s common for your mirrors to warp, especially if the mirror is made with wood. If the wood begins to warp, it will eventually put a strain on the glass, causing it to warp as well.
  • Dated – You know you have dated mirrors if you have black spots in your mirrors or your mirrors are small/odd shaped. A new mirror can easily give your bathroom a fresh new look and make your bathroom look brand new. You’d be surprised what new mirrors can do for your design!

We hope these signs will help you decide whether you are in need of a new bathroom mirror. If you have any questions regarding bathroom mirrors and the services we provide, please contact us at Inabinet Glass & Mirror Co Inc.